Star Trek Legacy 43.0


Star Trek Legacy 43.0

Star Trek Legacy is the newest game of the Star Trek saga
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Bethesda Softworks
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Star Trek Legacy is the newest game of the Star Trek saga. This is a strategy game in which you are able to take your ship or ships into combat. The plot is a well-known one for Star Trek fans: the Borg, a race of cybernetic humanoids, is trying to form an alliance with a rogue Vulcan. The game, unlike any other Star Trek game before it, makes the plot common to all the Star Trek series: Star Trek: TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise. You start with the Enterprise-A, the first spaceship ever built. As I said, you get control of a series of ships that you can buy and use in your squad. You get points with every complete mission, and then you can use those points to buy ships. The best ships are the most expensive ones, but they have better specs. As you progress, newer ships from more recent series appear on your store. The game has been given bad scores everywhere I looked. They say the controls are messed up and that it is hard to control the ships and that there are issues. I didn't have problems with the game. There are certain lags now and then, but the game should prove extremely entertaining for Star Trek fans. I had a blast playing and completing it. I still have to try multiplayer, but that too should be fun.

JF Senior editor
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  • Great variety of ships
  • Great plot
  • Nice graphics


  • Some bugs here and there
  • Controls aren't the best


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